Sunday, December 9, 2007

Good column in P'cola News Journal

In "Evolution Debate Heading Here", Bill Kaczor of the Associated Press talks about the standards process, with some illustrative quotes:
from "activist" Kim Kendall: "They're being very dogmatic. They do need to continue to teach evolution, but they need to allow the teachers to teach both the faults and the supports of evolution."
That strategy evolved out of the Dover case, according to FSU's own Michael Ruse: "Arguments for inserting skepticism, rather than religious concepts, into evolution lessons emerged after a federal court ruling nearly two years ago struck down the teaching of intelligent design in Dover, Pa., biology classes," said Michael Ruse, director of Florida State University's program on the history and philosophy of science. "
And FSU science education professor Sherry Southerland chimed in as well:
"We're not talking about crazy, wacky stuff," said Sherry Southerland, associate professor of science education at Florida State University. "This is the fundamental science the rest of the world learns."

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