Sunday, December 9, 2007

More evolution/sci standards in the news...

Interesting recent columns re: evolution in FL papers:
Howard Troxler of the St. Pete Times discusses how he would treat ID and evolution in the classroom:
" I would say, check out the religion of your choice, if you choose one. And if you don't, and don't believe that, that's fine too - this is a public school, and we are not taking sides here.
...Now we come to the unrelated "evolution" part of the science curriculum, and here is what I would teach:
No matter how the world came into being, as best we can tell, life here on Earth has changed over long periods of time.
It's a fact. We know it. We have dug it up. We have taken a good gander at it. Lots of guys who looked kind of like us, but who weren't us, used to walk around. Lots of old stuff is gone. Lots of new stuff is here. "
Fred Grimm of the Miami Herald laments the political influence on the standards process, citing these remarks last week from the Republican house leadership:

"And the specter of political interference was resurrected last week. Republican House leader Rep. Will Weatherford of Wesley Chapel told the St. Pete Times, ''I'm not a scientist, but I will tell you in general, evolution is one of the theories,'' said Weatherford, who added that portraying evolution as ``more important or more accurate than the rest, I'm not so sure I'm in favor of that.''

Deirdre Connor of the Times-Union discusses the "evolving fight about the standards, including parental reaction in the Jax area.
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