Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pressure on board/another board member speaks out

According to Ron Matus, education reporter of the St. Pete Times, a group of influential parents went to the state board meeting today in Tampa to try and bend the board's ear. According to Kim Kendall: "(we) want to make it clear we are not advocating creationism, or anything that's illegal by Supreme Court ruling. (But) there’s a lot of different scientific data out there showing different things … Science told us forever that the earth was flat."

Apparently, even though they had some help from state Sen. Stephen Wise, they were not alloted official time to address the board. However, state board member Linda Taylor seems to agree with the strategy of teaching more than one "theory". According to her: "I would support teaching evolution, but with all its warts. I think that some of the facts have been questioned by evolutionists themselves. I would want them taught as theories."

Read that blog, the gradebook at http://blogs.tampabay.com/schools/2007/12/seeking-to-be-h.html

The state of Florida could use everyone's help in writing letters, sending e-mails, etc., so that the board members(& others) hear from those who advocate world-class science standards! (Click here for suggested template for letter)

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Anonymous said...

Can you please explain how a creature with two chemicals that explode on contact evolved a mechanism for timed bursts of both chemicals as a defense mechanism?

Or have you never been confronted with the real evidence that deny the "theory" of evolution?